2020 TCG Virtual Conference - Re: Emergence

For more information about the 2020 TCG Virtual Conference - ​Re:Emergence​, please visit our microsite​.  Archival video and other materials from​Re:Emergence will be made available in July 2020.

The ghost lights have been left on too long. Amid the losses of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need each other more than ever. As we’ve done for so many years, TCG will again gather our field together in June. This year, the way we gather, and the conversations we’ll have, will be different. While we cannot meet in person in our host city of Phoenix, we will surely take inspiration from the mythical creature for which it’s named. And we will build on the relationships and resilience of Phoenix’s theatre scene as we convene in the digital sphere for the 2020 TCG Virtual Conference - Re: Emergence.

Through virtual programming and online connection, we’ll meet the urgency of the moment with the full courage and creativity of our movement. Together, we will collectively envision the day of our Re - Emergence over two blocks of virtual programming:

Part 1 - Convergence: May 6-8
Part 2 - Convening: June 2-5

Convergence will support the urgent need of connection and collective action as we grapple with the changing needs and challenges facing the non-profit theatre field. We will do what the TCG Conference has always done best: bring different types of theatre people together for emergent conversations and ideation.

At the Convening we will focus on knowledge building and sharing through a variety of virtual formats: live-streamed keynotes, online workshops, interactive sessions, and other ways to connect to and learn from your peers. In June, we’ll share programming across five main arcs:

● Re:Model: Audiences, Artistry & Alternative Performance
● Re:Vision: The Future of our Field
● Re:Cover: Advocacy & Relief for the Nonprofit Theatre
● Re:Unite: Equity & Justice in the Healing Process
● Re:Build: Crisis Management & Preparedness

Throughout May and June we’ll also find innovative ways to capture the unexpected moments of connection and spirit of community that have always made our in-person convenings so special. 2020 TCG Virtual Conference - Re: Emergence will build on a legacy of resilience to issue a rallying cry, and to ensure we emerge from these dark days stronger than before. After all, our art form knows well the creative power of a pause.

So, too, do theatre people understand better than most that all things are ephemeral, and that these hard days will pass. The ghost lights will be turned off at last, and our stages will be flooded with light. Let us join together in May and June to collectively envision the day of our Re: Emergence.

As always, please feel free to contact conference@tcg.org with questions or ideas related to the TCG Virtual Conference. For complete information on the 2020 TCG Virtual Conference - Re: Emergence as it is made available, please visit our microsite.

TCG is grateful to the following supporters of the 2020 Virtual Conference. Sponsoring the event not only helps TCG to serve the field, but it also allows theatre practitioners to attend free of charge. Please contact ​Kevin Bitterman​, Director of Institutional Advancement & Partnerships, to discuss sponsorship opportunities and to stand with TCG and the non-profit theatre community today!

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