Thank you for your interest in becoming a TCG Member Theatre! Before you begin, make sure you have looked over our Eligibility Guidelines for Theatre Membership. 


Pre-Application Information
In the next several pages, we will ask for some information to help us get to know your theatre. A summary of what we will ask is provided below so that you can gather this information ahead of time, since the application cannot be saved.

Creating Your Organization’s Account and Providing Contact Information
If the person applying for the membership on behalf of the theatre does not have an account on our website, you will be prompted to create one. If you do have an account, just sign in through the link provided. You will also be prompted to create an account for your organization. If your organization already has an account and you are connected to it, you will be asked to confirm the organization you wish to apply for. If you need help accessing any existing accounts, please email [email protected] before starting the application.

You will also be asked for some additional contact information–including an additional venue address if your organization’s business mailing address is different from your performance venue’s address.

Financial Information
You will be asked for your organization’s projected and actual income, expense and payroll totals for the current and last completed fiscal years. You will also have the opportunity to upload more detailed financial documents as supporting materials towards the end of the application.

Leadership and Staffing
You will be asked who your organization’s executive leaders are and have an opportunity to describe your leadership structure so that we can engage you appropriately. You will also be asked about the size of your organization’s staff and volunteer base.

Artist Compensation
It is important to us that artists be compensated for the work they do in some form, financially or otherwise. You will be asked to describe how, when and how much you compensate the artists you work with as well as which union contracts you use, if applicable. 

You will be asked how much programming you produced this season and during your last completed season in terms of the number of offerings and individual performances. Programming can include anything you produce that reflects your theatre’s work–including productions, readings, virtual content, etc–but not rental or booked-in events. You will also have opportunities to describe your work more broadly and to provide links or descriptions of your current or past seasons, reviews and community coverage, and copies of programs from recent productions as supporting materials if you choose.

Other Information Documentation
You will have the opportunity to provide lists of board and staff members and answer a few other narrative questions to help us get to know you better.

Again, your application cannot be saved, and clicking the PREVIOUS button will clear the information you provided on the previous page, so we recommend you gather the information you need before beginning the application. When you are ready, click NEXT.

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