On Monday, September 11, we’ll host an emergent conversation to acknowledge the crises within our ecology, share what’s working, and chart paths forward.

Our theatre ecology today faces a series of compounding crises. The ongoing impacts of COVID-19 have intensified pre-existing challenges for theatres and worsened the financial precarity freelance workers too often face. Yet it is a time of both crisis and chrysalis, for there are theatres and theatreworkers who are thriving, and we can build from those bright spots as we recover. And we must do more than just rebuild; we must also transform our models into a just and thriving theatre ecology that works for all of us. 

We’ll begin by sharing the findings from our 2023 Compounding Crises Snapshot Survey and related research. We’ll also share TCG’s plan to respond to these various crises and welcome feedback. Then, we’ll facilitate an emergent conversation where participants can speak to the challenges of this moment—and their solutions-oriented visions for how to move forward.

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